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near Nijmegen. Join today and show us that you do, too! We 3 African art. The museum's director had a long friendship with the CosbysCamille also sat on the museum's advisory board. Kennicott, Philip (August 5, 2015). Add your listing. The objects range from 15th-century sculptures and masks to multi-media contemporary art, and the photographs include major contributions from photojournalists Eliot Elisofon and Constance Stuart Larrabee. 17 Administration edit As of the late 2000s, The Washington Post wrote that the museum struggled with low attendance, modest budget, concealed location, and leadership turnovers. Her tenure became associated with a controversial 2015 exhibit that featured works from comedian Bill Cosby 's private collection just as allegations of sexual assault against him became public. For example, sections such as "Continuity" displayed hand-carved maternity figures, "Transition" displayed coming-of-age ceremonial masks, and "Towards a Secure World" displayed priest and healer items. 12 Visitor numbers have fluctuated between 200,000 and 400,000 since the 2000s, 12 13 and in the mid-2000s were comparable with its underground neighbor museum, the Sackler Gallery.

21 Collections edit A specialist prepares an exhibit in 1987 The National Museum of African Art was the first institution dedicated to African art in the United States, 6 followed by the New York-based Center for African Art (now The African Center) in 1984. "Johnnetta Cole Named New Director of the National Museum of African Art". A b c Povey, John.,.

The project, which also included the Sackler Gallery for the Smithsonian's Asian art, created 368,000 square feet of exhibition space 2 at a cost.2 million, 19 6 half of which from the federal government. "African Beauty: At 40, Museum Updates Its Look". Robbins, without museum, arts, or fundraising experience, believed that the collection could advance interracial civil rights and improve national respect for a major component of black cultural heritage. 6 Of the opening exhibition, kortingsbon van oosterum lederland the New York Times critic described the exhibits as often austere and understated in irregularly sized rooms that sometimes overwhelmed its contents. 24 The other Times reviewer found the museum's collection larger but "less spectacular" than that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, though the latter had more works available when it began its collection. A shorter, non-paywalled version is available via the Los Angeles Times as "An African art museum less traveled". "At 80, Johnnetta Cole reflects on her career and the controversial Cosby exhibition". Kennicott challenged whether the painters of Cosby's blue chip collection would have been "silenced" by ending the exhibition early. The exhibition's accompanying catalogue raisonne was the first such scholarly publication for a traditional African artist. 1 To ensure the museum's longevity, Robbins lobbied the national legislature (Congress) to absorb his museum into the Smithsonian Institution, a federal group of museums and research centers.

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