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Minecraft is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your friends to video games, and let them flex their creative muscles while theyre. Players can chose from three heroes: an industrious wizard that can summon useful blocks and platforms, an agile thief with a bow and grappling hook, and a hardy knight with sword, hammer, and shield. The Diablo 3 is an amazing game which involves players fully in the game. Downloading of contents such as campaign and additional playable can be done.

Overcooked 1, overcooked is frantic. As long as youre down with the genre, youll find it entertaining even if youre not up to speed with the lore. You can spend dozens of hours getting lost in this enormous world, crafting and foraging for supplies to build your base. Theres also loads of fun to be had with the ToyBox mode too, which is essentially a world-building tool-kit that allows players to create their own adventures. Players take control of Claire, paired with Barrys daughter Moira, who acts as a supporting character. What'S IN this, lIST? Dont let the cute graphics fool you, though; this game is full of unspeakable horrors and unforgiving mechanics, especially during the early hours. Inspired by titles such as Terraria, Nom Nom Galaxy has players traversing environments, harvesting supplies to farm their commodity.

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Not many people know Child of Light has a cooperative mode but it is possible to play it through with one a friend taking control of Igniculus, the firefly. You like to enjoy the games the most when you play it with or against your Friends. Hyper Light Drifter The pixelated indie action RPG was a massive hit when it launched last year, marrying an iconic 16-bit style with modern mechanics. Players will need to scavenge for materials, build defenses, and try to survive as long as possible against zombies that grow increasingly more powerful. For the unfamiliar, PixelJunk Shooter has players control a subterranean vehicle, navigating maze-like underground levels in search of humans to rescue. Play Station 4 (PS4) is an eighteenth generation home video game console which emphasizes more on social interaction and integration with other devices and services. Within the sandbox, theres an endless horde mode which offers hours of entertainment. Share Top 10 Best PS4 Split Screen Games with your friends. See More 92 Must Play Crawl Top Pro Unique gameplay, blend of cooperation and betrayal Crawl has one lone hero enter a dungeon with objective to find the dungeon boss and strike it down. Of course, gameplay is what makes or breaks a good brawler and thankfully Viking Squad delivers in this department too. Survive in the dinosaur realm with your loved ones. Art Design, business, communication, entertainment, finance.

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